I began coming to Americus in 1991. My brand-spankin’-new husband and I even spent our honeymoon here as an excuse to pick up a trailer-load of supplies from the Habitat for Humanity warehouse for our Habitat affiliate in West Virginia. And we just kept coming.

We came down for good in 2007 and Americus is now home. That’s why I’m a ‘come-here.’ Back in West Virginia, it was common to hear, “You’re not from around here, are ya?” There were come-heres and from-heres and unless your mama’s mama and daddy’s daddy were born in that county, you “weren’t from around here.”

I majored in English, got a seminary degree because I didn’t know what else to do, and then married my best friend. We’ve been on so many adventures together – I have no idea what the next one will be, but we’ll nail it just like all the others.

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Since being in Americus, I continued home schooling our three kids (or “unschooling” as some liked to call our approach), until we combined forces with other like-minded families and formed a home schooling cooperative. I coordinated this circus, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. A dad taught math. I taught English. A mom taught Spanish and yoga. A GSW volunteer taught higher math. Two GSW professors taught advanced creative writing and research. A dad and another mom taught music. The Rylander sent folks to teach theater. GSW students taught P.E. and art. The kids were individually mentored by members of the Sumter County community and have become amazing young women and men. And it proves to me what is possible with education. You’ll have a chance to read more about that in the blog, but for now it’s important to know at least that much about what I’ve done in life.

This blog was inevitable. I see so many things unfurling and evolvingĀ in this community that I just can’t sit by and be the observer. “You just can’t keep your mouth shut, can you?” Nope. Hope you enjoy.

Cori Lyman Barner – C.E.O. (Chief Educational Officer in charge of education and security for three future world leaders), Operations Manager at Center Stage Market, and Number One Fan of Americus, Georgia.